If you love to get glammed, having a vanity space in your home is important to achieving the perfect look. However between all of your makeup items, skincare, tools, and other beauty essentials, keeping everything organized can be a challenge.

Redfin reached out to makeup experts from Chicago, IL to Tampa, FL, and had them share their best tips on setting and maintaining an organized vanity space. Read on to see recommendations on everything from storage to paint color: Redfin – 15 Ways to Setup Your Vanity Area Straight from the Experts

I recently had the pleasure of contributing – along with several other makeup pros – to an article on Redfin’s blog regarding building a home makeup vanity space.

My mind, of course, immediately went to lighting (which they used in the Blog piece), followed shortly by brush maintenance and storage. Hey, I’m nothing if not consistent 😉. Some of the other organizational hacks suggested by the other artists featured are really ingenious.

Here in Makeup to Go world our focus – as you know – is on the career of the professional makeup artist particularly those artists on the come up. Honestly this whole article can also apply to any pro artist who provides services from home. If you offer virtual lessons, bridal trials, etc. from a home space, having a functional, comfortable and attractive vanity area will help you present better and work better for your clients. Here are more of my tips for doing makeup in a home setting:

1 ) Lighting is Everything. In the article I specifically mentioned The Makeup Light because that’s my jam. Glamcor apparently now has variable light settings as well, and really that’s the important thing. As I mentioned in the Redfin article, you not only need to be able to see, but you need to be able to see color accurately. Daylight settings are the best for consistently accurate makeup application. Avoid cheap-o lights which tend to skew too yellow, too blue, or sometimes even too green.

ALSO – Now that I have a proper stand, I have been able to use my Makeup Light for lighting and shooting my content. The ring light I got off of Amazon is fine for quicky Lives, etc., but for shooting videos using The Makeup Light is a big improvement.

2 ) Avoid Storing Brushes Out in the Open. We all now know in the COVID era, but really it’s always been true. It’s not great to store your brushes in the open, they need to be housed and protected. For my kit I use a fabric brush roll that I’ve owned for about 12million years. For home storage I like brush cylinders like the Dany bag, or Cozette’s cylinder, or the like. Standing brushes upright helps maintain their shape and keeping them covered keeps them clean and safe.

When I clean my brushes I’m still a fan of the inverted brush holders that allow me to dry my brushes vertically so there is no chance of water damage to my brushes. I’m using this one now which is a little bit more sleek in appearance (affiliate link), but really any of those inverted holders will do the trick.

3 ) Make Sure Working Surface is Disposable or Wipeable. AKA my Pink Towel of Power is out for now 🙁 . Yes it’s washable, but yanno, optics matter. I know a lot of artists who use and love The Rebbe Mat which is easy to disinfect in between clients. I’ve used Wubbies Towels (affiliate link) for a while and I do love them because I can just wrap all the used disposables up and toss them at the end of the day.

4 ) Measure Twice – Buy Once. Obviously you have to measure the size of your potential workspace in order to make sure drawers, cabinets, desk, etc. all fit but be sure to measure your makeup as well. There’s no point in purchasing containers/shelving/drawer dividers/etc. that you don’t need or even worse that you do need but they don’t fit what you need to store. Trust me I’ve done this one to myself too many times to count 😐. Measure out and plan your storage needs FIRST, and then buy the goodies.

5 ) Keep Your PPE Attractive and Accessible. Speaking of storing what you need, proper sanitation and storage is our reality as beauty pros in the COVID and hopefully soon post-COVID world. Really it should have been your priority pre-COVID as well ;-). But nowadays since we have to have our PPE nearby while we work, they may as well be attractive in our workspaces. I use decorative baskets and cubes to hold all of my PPE gear. Needless to say I got orange. Branding! 😉

6 ) Get A Good Chair!!!! Fam, let’s not kill ourselves in the post COVID world, the way we did in the pre-COVID world. Let’s take care of our bodies. Since doing more lessons and consultations from home, I bit the bullet and finally upgraded from the nice but very basic chair I purchased from Target a million years ago, to a true ergonomic chair. My back and legs AND neck thank me daily. Trust me, it’s like getting a new mattress; You won’t realize how badly you needed it until you get it.

Interested to hear the thoughts of other artists nationwide? Check out the Redfin post to read some truly clever hacks.

Thanks again Redfin for having me!

(we weren’t paid for our contributions, we were just asked for our expert opinions. My links may be Affiliate Links where indicated.)

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