All bookings require a Booking Fee retainer (50% of the booked service or $50.00 USD, whichever is greater) which is non-refundable. A one week lead-time prior to desired booking date is suggested in order to secure artist.  Retainers are non-refundable as they hold me (or the scheduled Makeup to Go! artist) out for that date and time and I (or the scheduled Makeup to Go! artist) will turn down any other booking requests for that time.  EXCEPTION: In the event of a commercial booking conflict with artist Tania D. Russell, I reserve the right to cancel, but I will refund any deposit (and reschedule and/or refer another artist whenever able.  Please be assured that this rarely happens.).  Last-minute bookings must be paid for in full prior to scheduled date.    Visa and MasterCard accepted via PayPal or on-site via PayPal Here or Square.  Personal Checks must clear prior to scheduled date.  Checks not accepted on site unless previously arranged.

All invoices are due upon receipt unless otherwise stated.  There will be a 2% per month late payment charge for all invoices which are more than 31 days overdue.  There will be a Return Check fee of $25.00 for any and all payments which are not honored upon the first (1st) presentation.

Client agrees to pay all costs incurred by Tania D. Russell in the collection of any and all sums due this invoice.  Including, but not limited to, reasonable attorney’s fees, and fees of any collection agency to which this account may be assigned for collection, and interest on the unpaid sum.

Other restrictions may apply.   Basically, I like to get money out of the way so everyone can have a fun and relaxed day! 🙂

Changing Booking Dates / Cancellations

Booking dates may be changed or cancelled by contacting me in writing at least 3-days prior to the scheduled date.  I will try to accommodate all new date requests to be best of my ability provided myself or the scheduled Makeup to Go! artist is available on your new selected date, with the acknowledgement of both parties that I/we may not be available for your new requested dates.  In the event that I (Tania D. Russell) am no longer available, another Makeup to Go! artist will be referred to you.  Cancellations submitted in writing at least 3-days prior to the scheduled date will be refunded LESS the retainer fee.  Cancellations submitted less than 3-days (72 hours) in advance will be handled on a case by case basis.

Makeup to Go! and Tania D. Russell reserve the right to re-schedule and/or cancel in the event of a conflicting Commercial booking, in the event of a Force Majeure/“Act of God” (earthquakes, fires, floods, etc.), catasrophic travel disruption (road closures, flight delays/cancellations, car accident, etc.), or in the event of incapacitation (major illness or death).

Please be aware that in 15+ years as a professional artist I have NEVER just left a client hanging.  I will always do my best to fulfill my bookings, but I cannot be held responsible for circumstances beyond my control.