• Discounts… Get Your Discounts Here…

    Without question one of the more difficult aspects of being a budding new makeup artist is developing a working kit. Lots of places tell you about all these great, new, fun products that you just have to have and it’s difficult to know how to pare down and get what you NEED and to do […]

  • Beauty Breakdown – Softer Side of Smokey

    Makeup to go blog makeup artist Tania d Russell makeup los angeles makeup san francisco smoky eye testing

    Makeup by Tania D. Russell/ Model: Cassidy/Ford Models Not all smokey eyes have to be severe. With a natural brow, dewey skin and an otherwise neutral color palette, the smokey gives high impact without being harsh. Here’s how I got the look… Foundation – Smashbox High Definition Healthy FX Foundation in Light 1 & […]

  • Holiday Makeup Shopping

    It’s the Holidays! The holidays mean so many different things; fabulous food, time with family, tradition, spectacle… and for the makeup fanatic; holiday makeup sets. Every year I go crazy buying 5 times more makeup than I normally would because of these delectably seductive little sets. Whether you keep them yourself, or give them as […]

  • Top Ten Makeup Products Without Which I Would Die

    Stila Cosmetics All Over Shimmer Liquid

    Check out the update for this article at Top Ten Products Without Which I Would Die Revisited As a makeup enthusiast and product junkie I love knowing what’s new in makeup-landia; what the trends are, what the hot new brands are, etc. As a makeup artist, however, I have to temper my enthusiasm with what […]