• #MakeupMonday – In Praise of Minis

    Tarte Cosmetics Ring It In Mini Cheekstain Set

    As an artist and as a woman I am a minimalist… When it comes to my makeup – both personal and professionally – I have always aspired to carry as little as possible and still be able to get the job done. When I heard that makeup powerhouse Francesca Tolot often carries little more than […]

  • #MakeupMonday – Prepping for Fall

    Pangea Organics Facial Scrub

    While most women are mourning the end of Summer I am singing Hallelujah for the start of Fall! Autumn – as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before and I am certain I will mention again – is my favorite season of the year, November being my fave month (Thanksgiving and birthday month!). Admittedly this probably comes […]

  • #MakeupMonday – The Basics: Face Powders

    T. LeClerc Face Poudre in Banane

    I have a confession: I LOVE face powder. Love Love Lovey Love Love. It softens colors, smooths the complexion, helps blending, erases mistakes, sets the makeup, on and on. It’s a wonder product! Yet I find most women simply wonder “What am I supposed to do with this?” Let me assure you: Once you get […]

  • #MakeupMonday – The Basics: Foundations

    makeup to go blog makeup los angeles makeup san francisco makeup lessons basics foundations

    Ah foundation… to Foundation or not Foundation. That is the question. Well the correct answer, in my ever so humble opinion, is a resounding: It Depends. It depends on a variety of factors, actually. Is this for everyday or for photography? If it is for photography what type of photography and what type of finish […]

  • #MakeupMonday – Vibrant Color

    A trend that emerged from the runways of Fashion Week Spring 2011 collections was Vibrant Color. Yay! Enough with the dark Gothic look or the monochromatic “no makeup” looks. Color is playful, uplifting and makes us look fresh and young. From subtly “there” to loud and proud, there are plenty of products to get you […]