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  • #BizTalk – How Not To Promote

    makeup to go blog makeup artist los angeles makeup artist san francisco makeup educator how not to promote

    How Not To Promote This post is inspired by a very earnest but very poor promotional email I recently received. In the email, this young artist whom I do not know at all, started off by proclaiming how amazing the recipient of the email (me) is, how fortunate we all are to work in this […]

  • #HaveYouSeenThis – Living Paintings by Alexa Meade

    alexa meade alexa meade art makeup to go blog

    Ummm… This is crazy There are few times when I can say that I’ve never seen anything like this, but I have never seen anything like this. One part makeup artist, several parts fine artist, Alexa Meade takes real life subjects and turns them into paintings. Yes. She takes 3 dimensional people and turns them […]

  • #HaveYouSeenThis – Andrew Gallimore by Rankin

    andrew gallimore by rankin makeup to go makeup to go blog

    I first heard of makeup artist Andrew Gallimore some years back when I was looking at an editorial and I was just awed by the makeup. I was so inspired, in fact, that I paid the whatever import magazine price to actually buy the magazine. (DISCLOSURE: I have spent a LOT more for a good […]

  • #BizTalk – My Aim Is True

    makeup to go makeup to go blog my aim is true staying true as an artist

    So it’s Halloween yet again. I hate Halloween. Yep you read that correctly. In fact I have never particularly liked Halloween, even as a kid. I do not have a problem with the holiday itself, or with other people celebrating, that’s not where I’m coming from at all. I’m just saying that Tania does not […]

  • #MakeupMonday – #Makeupwerks Tinsel Tokyo Magazine

    makeupwerks tinsel tokyo magazine makeup artist tania d russell los angeles san francisco

    Makeupwerks Tinsel Tokyo Magazine Magazine: Tinsel Tokyo Photographer: K.Szatmari Model: Addi Culler / Photogenics Makeup (& Hair): Tania D. Russell Time for another edition of #Makeupwerks which is where I feature a breakdown of some of my own work. For the editorial theme of this beauty story, I didn’t want to do something as simple […]