• #MakeupMonday – Makeup Short Notes March 2016

    makeup to go blog makeup short notes march 2016 beauty blender micro mini correct four

    Howdy folks. And once again, we’re back! There’s a lot going on in the background of Makeup to Go these days, more on that to be announced at later dates. In the meantime, la vida makeup continua and I’ve had the opportunity to try lots o’ new product. Here, then, are my Makeup Short Notes […]

  • #MakeupMonday – The Makeup Show SF Pop-Up Show

    makeup to go blog the makeup show sf pop up show

    Frequent readers of Makeup to Go may be aware that I am based in Los Angeles but I work regularly in the San Francisco Bay area… Imagine my surprise, then, when it was announced at the Los Angeles Makeup Show this past March that there would be a show in San Francisco for the first […]

  • #Happenings: MAC Pro Val Garland Master Class 4/15/13

    Val Garland/MAC Pro Event Los Angeles

    This past Monday, Los Angeles area makeup artists were able to forget (or drown if need be) their tax sorrows and engage with one of the premier makeup artists in the world, Val Garland. The Master Class event was hosted by MAC Pro and held at Milk Studios. If you are not familiar with Ms. […]

  • #HaveYouSeenThis: Official “Addicted to Love” Tutorial

    robert palmer addicted to love

    In the 80’s the look of this video was everywhere, since that time the look has become iconic. Robert Palmer’s (RIP) “Addicted to Love” may have been a catchy tune, but in my opinion its Massive Hit status was due in large part to the music video. Nothing really even happens in the video. What […]

  • #MaquillajeParaGo – Maquillaje de cinco minutos

    five minute makeup maquillaje para go makeup to go

    For this month’s installment of Maquillaje Para Go! Delia walks us through her “Maquillaje de cinco minutos” aka the “get out the door” face routine. Every girl should have one, what’s yours? Leave a comment and let us know! (as always, the English version follows below) Hola a todos! Como Tania ha dicho, mucho ha […]