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  • #BizTalk – When You Do Not Get Paid

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    When you do not get paid I am now about to say something that I’ve not said publicly ever before…I was never paid for the last courses I taught for the MKC Beauty Academy. There, I said it. People associated with me at that time kind of knew, and of course I told my family […]

  • #BizTalk – Getting Ready for 2015

    It’s December. Can you believe it? Same thing happens to me every year: the year starts out slow and steady, picks up some speed going into summer and then next thing I know the year goes into Hyperdrive and BAM! it’s December. For people who work traditional jobs December is adequately stressful just with work, […]

  • #BizTalk – My Aim Is True

    makeup to go makeup to go blog my aim is true staying true as an artist

    So it’s Halloween yet again. I hate Halloween. Yep you read that correctly. In fact I have never particularly liked Halloween, even as a kid. I do not have a problem with the holiday itself, or with other people celebrating, that’s not where I’m coming from at all. I’m just saying that Tania does not […]

  • #BizTalk: The Art of the No

    makeup to go blog art of the no tania d russell makeup artist beauty writer

    Freelancers Union recently ran a story about saying no while leaving the door open for future work with a potential client (click to read that story). Saying “No” to a gig is a tricky proposition as a freelancer. It is one that, admittedly, gets easier as you become more established, but it never really becomes […]