When Makeup to Go was conceived, it tried to be a clearing house for all the little makeup services that fell outside of what I book through my agent. Through it’s evolution, however, two distinct services emerged; my services for private individuals, and my Lessons for Aspiring Artists™. The Lessons for Aspiring Artists™ was started out of the belief that it’s better to learn how to be a working makeup artist from a working makeup artist. Firstly, trends change and an artist who was working 20 years ago may not be current with what’s happening today. Secondly, how to get work has significantly changed in even the last five years, much less the last 20. Then lastly, at the time Makeup to Go, Makeup Mentors and other such services were started, time were a lot of fly-by-night schools with unqualified (or totally unknown) instructors. Well, it must be daybreak because a lot of these schools have flown off never to be seen or heard from again. All too typical. All of the legit, stable schools are staffed with working artists as teachers.

But what about schools? Well, I’m not at all anti-school, I went to one for film makeup. I think for the right student, makeup school can be the next logical step in building a career. The other compelling reason, however, to do individual lessons and workshops for me was that a lot of times students aren’t 100% certain that this is the career for them, but they want to find out more about it. Studying individually with an artist will cost a student a few hundred, and a workshop will be a little bit less for one day of study. Schools are several thousand dollars and a significant time commitment. That could be an expensive experiment and has been for a lot of people. Therefore the purpose of my classes is not to at all supplant a student going to school – a lot of schools offer things that I never could – and I will give suggestions on what I think the better schools are. I consider my class to be a primer of media makeup – from how to do it to how to get working at it.

The classes have been successful, limited only by my schedule to do them. In 2010, one of my resolutions is to make a more definitive schedule of my classes. In preparation for that I will be doing a web-series entitle “So You Wanna Be A Pro Makeup Artist” that will skim the A to Z that the classes cover more in-depth. In this series I hope to discuss not only the how-tos, but to cover professional trends, business topics, marketing, client relations and the whole nine PLUS I’m going to have interviews with some of my successful friends in the biz as to how they approach their craft and the business. Makeup is a fun business but it is a business so we’ll be hitting the nitty gritty of what’s what in the beauty biz. Should be a great series and I hope you all enjoy and participate!

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