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BIRTHDAY SALE: 54% Off! through 12/5/23

What is the five small things membership?

I want to help you see CLEAR

Clarify your vision of what you plan to accomplish in your career in the coming year.

Leverage your existing skillset, clientele and any other resources you may already have so you can build and grow from wherever you are now.

Elevate your your biz skills and your artistry so you can upscale as desired.

Act with purpose – To bring the vision to life.

Reflect and Replicate – because a true process isn’t a one-time thing.  You’ll have a framework that you can replicate throughout your career progression. How are we going to do this?  Using the Five Small Things Calendar as our guide! In 2022 Makeup to Go launched the Five Small Things Calendar which gave artists 5 prompts per month to take action in their career.  In the Five Small Things Quarterly Membership, we’re not gonna read about it, we’re going to Be About It.

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s waiting for you inside
The Five Small Things Quarterly Membership:

🔸 The fully revised Five Small Things Planner and Workbook to help you create your actionable plans for the Quarter.

🔸 Three live “Members Only” Confabs where we’ll have Q & As, group planning sessions, fun exercises, and more to keep you motivated and moving throughout the Quarter.

🔸 Lifetime* access to a private Five Small Things Confab group where you and your Membership-mates can support, encourage, and engage each other and where I’ll host regular Q&A’s – in between the Live Confabs – to help you with any challenges you may encounter.

🔸 Lifetime* access to the Member’s Only Resource Library filled with robust and actionable worksheets, videos, ebooks, and more. (*Nothing lasts forever-ever but as long as the Membership exists you will have access 👍🏾)

🔸 End of Quarter “Need to Talk” private 1-on-1 mini session to go over what worked for you, what you want to improve going forward, and give you your Cheers for a job well done! 🥂
I’m totally just starting out as a makeup artist.  Is The Five Small Things Quarterly Membership right for me?

🔸Absolutely! I love working with early career-stage makeup artists! The Five Small Things Quarterly Membership works at any stage of a makeup artist’s career by helping you overcome the overwhelm so you can finally achieve the goals that have been hanging out on your to-do list for far too long. In fact, now is the perfect time for you to join! Not only will you receive artistry and business training and advice from me to help you navigate the maze at the beginning stages of a makeup career, but you’ll also get to expand your network of artists and receive support and advice from an engaged and knowledgeable community. This way, you’ll never feel alone or lost during your journey.

Can I get one-on-one support?
🔸 Yes! I’ll be holding regular Q&A sessions inside the Private Group where you can pre-submit your questions and I’ll give my best advice. There will also be three live Confabs (group meetings) where I’ll respond to Members questions. Lastly each member will get a 1-on-1 mini session with me at the end of the Quarter.

What happens if I decide not to renew my membership?
🔸 No problem!  This is not an auto-renewing membership. IN FACT – this membership is designed for you to get what you need and go forward with your career!

Is There A Payment Plan Available?
🔸 YES! We are happy to offer a Pay in Three payment plan via Paythen payment processing! If you’d like to join via Paythen, just hit the Pay in Three button below.


Sometimes you need more than just Talk

Sometimes you need information and strategy.

– What to focus on first
– How to go from just testing to paid jobs
– What’s in a Deal Memo
– How to negotiate a rate
– How and When to Approach an Agent

These are just a few examples of the types of questions that can be covered in the Need to Talk Strategy Session.

I’ll send a quick questionnaire and we’ll go over my best advice, strategies, and resources for your unique situation. After, I’ll send detailed notes on what we discussed, and your plan of action.

Grab a cuppa and your best questions, and let’s plot your next moves.

BIRTHDAY SALE: 54% Off! through 12/5/23
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Build a Book that Books You Work

So what goes into the Portfolio of a professional media makeup artist?  And more importantly, how do you build a book that converts to actual bookings?
Let’s face it; when it comes to viewing our own work no one is objective. We either love everything we’ve ever done, or we hate everything. The benefit of having an informed second set of eyes viewing your book cannot be overstated. I’ll go through your book and offer my best suggestions on what to keep, what can go, and where you might what you might want to develop next. AND we’ll make sure your social ties in nicely to make the best presentation to potential clients.

BIRTHDAY SALE: 54% Off! through 12/5/23
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Lessons for Aspiring Artists™ -

A hands-on make-up artistry transformation.

For the artist who is ready to level-up their artistry, and fast track their career!  This one on one session is a hands-on, full day designed to transform your artistry and accelerate your career and business.

In this all killer-no filler session, we start with your artistry, working together on-model. Afterwards we follow by designing a career path *specific to you* covering everything from business to marketing to social media so you can continue your journey informed and inspired.

And when you book the VIP Day 1-on-1, you’ll also get a professional photoshoot to begin the next evolution of your Portfolio.

BIRTHDAY SALE: Pre-Book and Save! 54% Off! through 12/5/23.
A Payment Plan is available

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live makeup workshops​

Elevate Your Artistry​

The corner-stone of Makeup to Go has always been artistry and teaching hands-on.

Group Workshops will return in 2024 AND we’ll be taking our act on the road! Join the waitlist for info on upcoming events.

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Interested in hiring me as a speaker or as an educator? I do that too...

I have over 15 years as an educator in Workshops, Masterclasses, and Accredited Makeup Schools.

I do all the makeup instruction things, and I love it! Teaching is one of the true passions in my career. If you are interested in having me as an educator/speaker let’s talk about how I can serve you and your audience.