Stila has announced that their Warehouse Sale is upcoming July 28th. This is not one of their online “warehouse” sales. This is the big mamma jamma Stila Warehouse Sale Summer 2012, in an actual warehouse in Downtown LA where you walk in with cash (or credit card) in hand and you walk out with product in hand at incredible prices. I have come to think of the Warehouse Sale as being a Holiday season event, but actually I do think the first one I (unsuccessfully) went to might have been in the Summer…I do not know if this means there will be another Warehouse Sale this winter or if this is your one shot at greatness for 2012 (the physical Warehouse Sale has historically been a once-a-year event).

In any event Stila fanatics from all over will start lining up in the wee hours to catch these amazing deals. By the afternoon the line is crazy long, your wait will be long (hours) and if you do get in most of the real goodies will be sold out (what happened to me that first unsuccessful trip). In my opinion the best way to be a part of the event is to embrace it with a spirit of adventure, grab some buddies and lawn chairs and line up at 6am, and get while the gettin is good!

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