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It’s Makeup to Go!’s one year bloggiversary!

Thanks so much to everyone who has followed and supported us over this time. We’ve learned a lot and there’s more to learn but slowly but surely we are shaping this into what we hope will be one of the best Beauty Blogs on the ‘net!

One thing we’re going to start doing is being a bit more organized in how we post. First of all, I tried to post daily, but that did not prove to be realistic. I want quality not quantity and owing to my work schedule and the fact that I want to provide good content, we’re going to take it down it 3 days a week. Secondly, I know a lot of my favorite Blogs have regular features that post on the same day every week so you know when to go look for your favorite columns. I like that idea so we’re going to start doing that here at Makeup to Go! as well. Since we’ve already started #MakeupMonday product talk on Mondays, and the So You Wanna Be A Pro Makeup Artist articles on Fridays I’m thinking let’s just go with that. Therefore we’ll be posting our product talk on Mondays, our Industry/Business related articles on Fridays and that will leave Wednesdays open for Anything Can Happen day (random musings, observations, etc. related to makeup & beauty). We’ll also be taking steps to be more organized and consistent with column content such as the Road Testing and Beauty Noir columns.

So stick with us! Great content is our first and foremost concern and we hope that our second year will be twice as great as our first.

– Tania πŸ˜€

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