Givenchy Phenomen'eyes Mascara

Last year I was sent a “sampler pack” of Givenchy products. I have to be honest; I’d never even tried Givenchy before. A lot of the “haute” makeup lines are great for everyday use but actually not that great for a makeup artist’s kit (too simmer-y, too fragranced, etc.) so I did not tend to consider them for my kit save for an errant product here or there. Givenchy changed my mind about their line, and using the high end lines in my kit in general. The colors are pure, rich and true while the formulations are light and not too “makeup-y” looking. They’ve fully incorporated themselves into my kit and they are also a fantastic line for everyday wear.

Photo’Perfexion & Prisme Foundation – Givenchy describes the Photo’Perfexion Foundation as having been “inspired by digital imaging”. In other words, this is their take on a High Definition formula foundation. As I’ve said before, Hi-Def foundations are fast becoming my favorite for both on-set and real life. The combination of high-pigmentation in a lightweight base is a big time winner. I was concerned about Givenchy’s formula for photographic usage due to it’s SPF 20 (spf is generally a problem for photography) but so far it’s not been an issue on either tests or jobs in various lighting conditions. For the non-pro the texture, finish and the fact that it has sunscreen makes this a perfect foundation for everyday wear as well.

The Prisme Foundation is a single compact with four different shades of powder foundation. The theory being that you can blend, shape and highlight all in one product (and there are 5 compacts for a variety of skin tones). You can, but it would take a bit of makeup know-how. The Prisme worked well alone and with the Photo’Perfexion.

Mister Light – Ever since YSL introduced it’s famous Touche Éclat product, every other line has made their own variation of it. Of these variations, I like Givenchy’s take on this concealer/corrector/illuminator-type product. It’s a bit lighter weight than Touche Éclat, in my opinion, but it still delivers a night hit of light and life. Givenchy also has the Mister Bright, a colorless illuminator. For kit purposes, I find I use Mister Bright more often, but if you want a concealer/illuminator all-in-one, the Mister Light is the product for you.

Prisme Again / Prismissime Mat & Glow – Again working it’s “Prism” theme, the Prisme Again blushes is a quad of four coordinated powder blush colors which can be used individually but is most likely meant to be blended to an idea shade. I found that individually each color was fine, but blended together it was rich, luminous and fantastic. That said, however, I do think the Prisme Again Blushes are best suited for personal use rather than in a makeup kit because there’s no way – that I can see – to depot these to put them in a palette without destroying the product.
The Prismissime Mat & Glow is simply one of the best bronzers I’ve ever owned. It’s no longer on the Givenchy site, but it’s still available at Sephora. The compact consists of 9 bronzing colors, 6 matte and 3 shimmer, in varying shades from dark to light so you can blend, highlight and glow to your heart’s content. It’s not great for a kit, either, in terms of packaging however it keeps me from having to carry 3 or more different shades of bronzer so it saves space in that sense.

Pop Gloss / Rouge Interdit Shine / Rouge Interdit – Pop Gloss is – as the name implies – Givenchy’s lip gloss (they’ve since also introduced Gloss Interdit so more on that in posts to come). This is a relatively lightweight, high shine gloss and it comes in a nice array of colors, including two great reds. The Rouge Interdit Shine is a full-body lipstick. The “Shine” comes not from any kind of gloss, but rather the lipsticks are sparkly/pearlescent. My favorite of the lip products is the The Rouge Interdit lipstick. Rouge Interdit is a satin formula, high pigment, creamy and luscious lipstick for serious lipstick wearers. Even the more “subtle” shades are full and rich. In my usage they’ve lasted long and photographed beautifully and I can attest that they feel fabulous to wear (I took one for my own personal use 😉 ).

Prisme Again Eyes / Phenomen’eyes Mascara – Like the other Prisme products, the eye shadows are in a quad of coordinated colors. While it works for me in the blush compact because I blend the colors together, the size of each color in the eye shadow makes it a bit of a challenge to work with. That said, the colors are quite gorg and the formulations are creamy and blend-able and wear well. I would also recommend this more for personal use rather than kit.

Last but not least the “Star” of the line, the Phenomen’Eyes mascara. They make a regular version, and a “lash extending” version – Phenomen’Eyes Effect Extension – but I’m going to talk about the regular version. The formulation is very good; a true rich black, doesn’t flake or clump, and builds up nicely. Also, I have a lot of mascaras that build volume but not many that build length and the regular Phenomen’Eyes – even without the extension fibers – does so nicely. Here’s the thing; it’s not so much about the mascara as it is about the fabulous applicator. Instead of a traditional mascara wand shape, the Phenomen’eyes uses a spiked ball that allows you to pick up every lash root to tip, inner to outer corner. It really is phenomenal, and I suspect all the brands will have a knock-off of this wand soon. The downside is – for a pro artist – we don’t use mascara directly from the tube. We have to use disposable wands for sanitation purposes, which negates what’s really special about this product. Therefore, unless you are working with a personal client and plan to use this only on that one person, I would have to say that this product is better suited for personal use than in a professional kit. If you’re looking for a great mascara for your own use, I’d give this a look-see.

In all, I’m quite impressed with Givenchy’s re-vamp of their makeup line. It’s been in use both in my kit and in my personal use and I look forward to trying the new additions to the line.

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