Tarte Double Ended Lipgloss in Rhett and Scarlett top lipglosses
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Tarte Double Ended Lipgloss in Rhett and Scarlett

NOTE: For the updated version of this list check out: Favorite Lip Glosses of 2012

Some women gravitate to eye makeup, some women to lip makeup. Without a doubt, I am a lip woman, specifically I am a lipgloss gal. No matter how many I own, I always buy more HOWEVER some do stand above the rest. Here then are my picks for Best Lipglosses;

5) Cargo Cosmetics – Lipgloss
This would be higher on the list save for the fact that Cargo changed the configuration and color selection of this item. They used to be lipgloss duos and they were the BEST ever. Now I see they are quads and they didn’t keep any of the same color names. I’m still going to recommend it, however, for a couple of reasons. First of all, the actual formulation of Cargo’s lipgloss was always fantastic; smooth and creamy and full coverage without being sticky or gloopy. Secondly, the amount of product was quite generous. Dunno if it’s still as generous now that it’s a quad, however, the tin is larger and deeper than most tubes AND you can scoop every last bit out. Not sure what the new colors are like but when you’re in Sephora, Cargo is always worth checking out.

4) Tarte Cosmetics – Double Ended Lip Gloss
Underneath the kitschy names and fun color combinations lives a serious lipgloss. Tarte has been slowly but surely making it’s entire line more green, cruelty free, naturally derived, etc. Not only do these lipglosses offer true, sheer (but buildable) pretty color, they’re loaded with good-for-you ingredients AND they’re vegan! Fave colors: Jake & Samantha, Johnny & Baby, Rhett & Scarlett (pictured), and Tarzan & Jane.

3) Korres – Lip Butters
OK, so these aren’t technically glosses but they’re fab. They are tinted lip balms, but really tinted so they give a lovely hit of color and they feel amazing. They are perfect for casual, daily wear. I gave a ton of the Holiday sets away as gifts and every recipient told me they love them AND they use them daily. If you hate the feel of lipgloss but want some color, this is the product for you. Fave colors; all three and then there’s a nude balm as well. (Korres’ Cherry Oil Lipglosses are great as well)

2) Nars – Lip Gloss
What can you say, really? Nars lipglosses are near perfection; high shine but not too sticky, high pigmentation for rich color but not to thick or gloopy, and the colors! Nars is a makeup artists’ brand so I can’t lie and say that all colors work for all women or that they are all easy and wearable… but Nars offers a great range of colors to satisfy the makeup demure and the makeup daring and all points in between. Fave colors; Dolce Vita, Bloodwork, Boogie Nights, Misbehave, Revolt, Ophelia, Rose Birman, Striptease and of course Orgasm.

So who beat out the near perfection that is Nars? The Perfection that is…

1) Smashbox – Lip Enhancing Gloss
I CANNOT keep these in my kit. Every time I use a Smashbox lipgloss on someone, talent ends up taking it from me! These lipglosses feel fantastic, they come in beautiful, wearable colors, they smell great (BUT they don’t have a taste which is important) and it’s just a really well edited collection of colors. Also, the differences in the formulations (Sheer, True and Full) are clear. Let’s face it; makeup artists have time to try everything, most women do not. With the Smashbox collection, a woman can pick pretty much any color and hit a home run so that’s why it’s #1. Fave colors; Sheer – Illume, Expose and Afterglow. True – Pixel, Debut and Surge. Full – Aura, Capture and Sultry.

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