I’m sure by now you’ve heard of Gilt Groupe which offers private sales to it’s membership. I was introduced to Gilt Groupe via a stylist friend and at that time you had to be either invited or referred (UPDATED– see below), but once you were in they really did have excellent sale prices. Well what about us beauty mavens? Enter Beauty Story private sales service.

I discovered Beauty Story when my beloved Three Custom Color had a sale there. Like Gilt Groupe, Beauty Story offers private, exclusive sales to its members often at serious discounts. Unlike Gilt Groupe, membership in Beauty Story is – at least for now – open. What I particularly like about Beauty Story is that in addition to doing partnerships with some relatively well known brands (if memory serves there was a Smashbox sale a while back as well) they also feature some of the more indie/difficult to get brands like Paul and Joe and Nvey. If you are wondering about price, even though I get a professional discount on Three Custom, it was still worth it for me to buy via Beauty Group’s sale.

Sign up with Beauty Story now and start shopping and saving!

(Disclaimer – Nope, they are not paying me. They do not know me and they do not even know I’m doing this little story on them. I just really like the service and thought I’d tell my readers about them…)

EDIT:Gilt Groupe wrote and informed moi that they do have a code for those who want to sign up but do not have a referral/invitation. Please see the comments section. Thanks for letting us know, Gilt Groupe! πŸ™‚

UPDATE: Not sure when exactly it happened, but we noticed that Beauty Story disappeared and is apparently no more. I found a post online dated August, 2011 that their list was bought by Beyond the Rack. Too bad! Beauty Story was a good idea!

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