Fashion Week. Fashionistas look forward all around the world to those two times of year when all of the top established designers and all of the promising up and comers show their wares to the trade which will eventually make it into stores.

A lot of aspiring make up artists – dazzled by the apparent glitz and glamour – crave the opportunity to work on a Fashion Week show. Having done so I can tell you that yes it is exciting, maybe sometimes on the occasion it might be glamorous, but the nitty-gritty is that it’s a lot of hard work for everyone involved. Particularly the models. Because as if doing several shows a day for a week weren’t enough, Fashion Week is actually a misnomer because the Fashion “Week” season lasts for a month. And it involves a myriad of shows, under a myriad of conditions, for a myriad of designers, in a myriad of countries. It is a long haul and a lot of work.

Kristen Arnett is a makeup artist with 14 seasons of Fashion Week under her belt. I thought this was a great article to gain insight on what it’s like for a makeup artist working in these conditions and what’s necessary to keep a model’s skin going.

Even if you are not a model these are fantastic skincare tips to keep your own skin going, particularly as we head into the colder months.

Beauty Tricks I Use to Make Models Look Flawless by Kristen Arnett via Mind Body Green (click to read)

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