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Dig those cheekbones! Image courtesy of Disney

I am a Beauty makeup artist. Quite frankly – while I very much respect the craft – I detest FX/horror/monster makeup. I just do not like looking at “gross” no matter how well it is done. In fact the better it’s done, the harder it is to look at.

All that said, I love a good character makeup. I particularly love character makeups that combine fantasy and beauty. Enter Maleficent, Disney’s upcoming film starring Angelina Jolie. The story itself is promising: Maleficent is the “Queen of All Evil”. She is initially introduced in Disney’s original Sleeping Beauty film. Instead of just remaking Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent tells the story from the viewpoint of the Evil Queen including delving into her past to learn how she became who she is today.

For those of us in the Glam Squad, this film looks like a treat for the eyes. The costuming looks amazing and reading the story of the makeup, nails and costume design reaffirms that being a great artist requires a balance of artistry and technical skill. Making Angelina into Maleficent was no quick foundation and lipstick job.

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