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CBS makeup artist Riccie Johnson still werkin it

Makeup as a profession is a long-term gig. What I mean is that most of the action really doesn’t begin to start until 5, 10, 15 years into your career and that most of the artists that people truly admire and do coveted work with coveted clients, etc. have been in the business in excess of 20 years. Which really if you think about it, if you love makeup to the point that you want to pursue it professionally, it’s a good feeling to know that makeup is not something that you’re going to do for a few years and then be forced out like a professional athlete. This can be a lifetime journey.

Such is the case of Riccie Johnson who has been a lead makeup artist at CBS for – get this folks – 62 years. And she’s still going!!! Think of all of the amazing people she has met, stories she has heard, and experiences she has had through the profession of makeup. She was there when “60 Minutes” started, and she’s still there! She groomed the Beatles for their legendary debut on the Ed Sullivan show, y’all!

Click the link below to see her remarkable story.

60 Minutes Overtime story on CBS Makeup Artist Riccie Johnson

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