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me on my way to what I thought would be a simple doctors appointment.

Hello hello!

I hope everyone who celebrates had a fab Cinco de Mayo. I desperately wanted enchiladas but could not have any so I hope y’all ate plenty for moi. Why couldn’t I partake? Read on…

An important part of blogging is not falling off the face of the earth, yet that is exactly what has happened. But I promise I have a good reason!

If you follow me on Instagram I posted a couple of pictures of me in San Francisco teaching a private lesson. All went well except for the fact that I started having severe knee pain. Without going into the whole sordid tale: I thought I had a strained ligament, it turned out that I had something even more complicated and next thing I knew I was having to have surgery.

That’s where we are now. I had knee surgery about a week ago and I have a six-week long at home therapy to complete. That means I have about five more weeks to go. What am I going to do with myself in this time? Well I can’t walk, therefore unfortunately I can’t work on-set doing makeup right now so there’s that LOL. Now that I’ve re-acclimated to being home and I’m feeling better I am planning on doing some long wished for upgrades changes and modifications to the blog. And like I mentioned before I have an upcoming article on what to do – as a freelancer – when you find yourself in a position where you suddenly cannot work. Oh and maybe I’ll even update my Pinterest for the first time since forever. HA! 😀

I can’t promise I’ll be quite as active over the next few weeks as I normally would be. But do keep your eye on both the Makeup to Go Twitter feed @makeuptogo , and the Makeup to Go Facebook page for updates here and there and to catch some Past Makeup to Blog Goodness.

Thanks as always for reading and supporting Makeup to Go/Makeup to Go Blog!

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(P.S. YES I do private makeup lessons and I love them! I should be back available mid to late June!)

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