Frequently Asked Questions
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Makeup to Go focuses on the career path of media makeup artistry from print editorial and advertising, to the film and television world. As our motto says, Makeup to Go is Dedicated to the Art and Craft of Makeup.

I started my makeup career path in the 90s, and I have started over many times. My work has run the gamut from the early Death Row music videos to advertising clients in the commercial fashion and beauty world.

In 2006, I informally started Makeup to Go as a side hustle to work with private clients and teach lessons. In the process I discovered that I love teaching and writing about makeup, and in 2009 Makeup to Go as you see it now was born.

When I am not in a studio or on location, I can often be found singing, in the kitchen baking, at a concert, dancing in the desert, or at a NBA Basketball game (Go Lakers!).

A media makeup artist refers to an artist who primarily works on projects for publication or broadcast (magazines, TV, film, etc.), as opposed to Bridal makeup or private clients, etc. Basically the focus here at Makeup to Go is on makeup for Photography.

For the most part, yes. The images of people, and any Behind the Scenes photos are definitely either my work or the work of a contributing artist (all of Makeup to Go’s contributors are working artists). Most product shots in the product reviews and on social media are also originals. Makeup to Go does use purchased Stock images where appropriate (you know, those generic images of an eyeshadow palette or of a cup of coffee and a laptop, photos like that).

Makeup to Go started out with a double meaning; It was a reference to the fact that I started out going to see personal clients, and it was also a nod to the song Lyrics to Go, by A Tribe Called Quest 😉

Nowadays there is no deep meaning, it’s just an upbeat name that reflects my belief that makeup and makeup artistry should be fun.

No and No. While I have taught at – and developed curriculum for – accredited makeup schools, Makeup to Go is not a school.

Makeup to Go offers curated, high-end education to help artists fast track their artistry and career goals.