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Makeup to Go Blog focuses on makeup and makeup artistry from the standpoint of working media makeup artists. Makeup to Go! Blog covers product reviews, how-tos, and industry events but we also discuss art and influences, makeup history, and the Art of Being A Freelance Makeup Artist™.

Mostly. The pictures of people Defnitely Yes – it’s either my work or the work of another contributing artist as indicated. But we’re all working artists and this is the work we do. Most of the BTS/product shots are also original. Some shots like this lipstick/eyeshadow image are purchased stock images.
Media makeup artist refers to an artist who works on projects for Print, Web, Television, Video, and/or Film, for publication and/or broadcast.
Makeup to Go started out with a double meaning; It was a reference to the fact that I started out going to see personal services clients, and it is also a nod to the song “Lyrics to Go” by A Tribe Called Quest 😉
It doesn’t have any deep meaning anymore. It’s just an upbeat name that reflects the belief that at the end of the day, makeup artistry should be fun.
No and No. I have a background in both teaching and developing curriculum for accredited schools, but Makeup to Go is not a school. Makeup to Go offers curated and accelerated high-end education to help artists fast track their career goals.
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