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Some items listed or linked on this website or on Makeup to Go Blog social media accounts (Currently Instagram and Twitter. May also add TikTok and YouTube in the future.) may be affiliate program links. Currently Makeup to Go/Tania D. Russell is a participant in the Amazon Affiliate Program, ShopMy/ShopList, and Skimlinks. When you make a purchase via one of our Affiliate links, we get a small percentage of that sale which helps keep the site going, at no additional cost to you.


Collaborations HECK YES, payments for favorable reviews HECK NO. In my career as a makeup artist I have brand relationships and have been a Brand Ambassador, and I have received and continue to receive product gratis. Payment for favorable product reviews, however, undermine our mission to provide unbiased reviews based on the things we as professionals actually love and use on a regular basis.

Sponsored collaborations such as campaigns or initiatives? Quite Possibly. The right project could be super fun, as long as it does not require writing a fake review of any kind. The artist/contributors of Makeup to Go! are uniquely qualified to offer expertise to campaigns and consumer events pertaining to cosmetics and beauty.

As of this update (8/3/2022) none of my reviews have been sponsored reviews.

Makeup to Go! is specific to the review of cosmetics items and makeup tools and implements as that is our area of expertise. On the occasion I may also review a hair styling product and/or nail polish. The majority of the content on Makeup to Go! is written by myself (Tania D. Russell) and all guest content is provided by fellow makeup artists whom I know personally. The content of Makeup to Go! is very selective and highly curated to provide the best content of the highest integrity possible.


Makeup to Go! is happy to accept items for consideration of review. Please contact us via the form on our Contact page and please list “Product Reviews” as the subject matter.

We review

– Makeup
– Skincare
– Makeup/Skin Tools
– Hair Styling Products
– Hair tools

We are not likely to review

– Nail care/Nail Polish
– Shampoos/Conditioners
– General Toiletry items (toothpastes, mouthwash, soaps, etc.)

We do not review

– Fragrances/Perfumes
– Dietary Aids
– Vitamins/Supplements
– Housewares

Don’t get me wrong; I love perfumes and housewares. If you just want to send them to me, great! I shout out random products I like all the time on Instagram. But our Blog reviews are based on items we are likely to use on our jobs as pro makeup artists. All of our reviews are honest assessments of a products’ performance after being used in a “real world” application. Therefore – while we are not into scathing, negative reviews – we cannot guarantee a product will receive a positive review. We can guarantee that items we choose to review will receive a fair assessment by working professionals.


As of this update (8/3/22) we have had one Giveaway via our Mailing List, one Giveaway via Twitter, and one via Instagram.

Giveaways aren’t really our jam and we are not planning any future Giveaways at this time.

If we do, it’ll be another informal giveaway on Instagram. Makeup to Go! Giveaways are open to residents of the United States 16 years and older. Winners are picked via random selection. Accounts that are determined to be fake/invalid will be disqualified and a new winner will be selected.

Product advice and/or recommendations contained in this blog are based on a ) personal usage b ) 15+ years as professional makeup artists c ) generalized, and not specific advice given to any one person. We cannot possibly predict every skin situation a given reader of the blog may have and what works for us may not work for you. We do not offer individualized skincare/cosmetics product advice, our reviews are general reviews based on our usage.

Additionally, we are not medical professionals. We cannot dispense medical advise nor can we predict how your skin may react to a given product.


Makeup to Go! is not a school, we offer short-term education. Neither I, nor Makeup to Go, have any authority by which to offer any sort of Certification. The only issuing body for meaningful certification in the state of California is the Department of Consumer Affairs – Board of Barbering and Cosmetology which is where one gets a Cosmetology license (necessary for any type of salon job and some personal services jobs in California). Individuals/workshops cannot offer the training necessary for a Cosmetology license, you have to go to a State licensed school.


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