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  • Makeup Products I Would Die Without 2019 Edition

    makeup products i would die without current favorite makeup products makeup to go blog makeup artist los angeles makeup artist san francisco makeup workshops

    Disclosure: Howdy folks, instead of doing sponsored posts, I am a member of Vera Pages. Vera Pages are unsolicited, unsponsored recommendations from pro makeup and hair artists on products they actually use in their work. So if you’ve ever wanted to shop for any of the products that I mention constantly, you can do so […]

  • #MakeupMonday – Makeup Products I Would Die Without Revisited

    viseart paris neutral basic 01 eyeshadow palette

    Early on in Makeup to Go’s history, I posted an article entitled “Top Ten Makeup Products Without Which I Would Die” (click to read the original post). Basically I was saying that these are my go-to, must-have, desert island, fade to black, killing it products. It’s a good list, too. However, that article is from […]

  • #MakeupMonday – Top Lipglosses

    NOTE: For the updated version of this list check out: Favorite Lip Glosses of 2012 Some women gravitate to eye makeup, some women to lip makeup. Without a doubt, I am a lip woman, specifically I am a lipgloss gal. No matter how many I own, I always buy more HOWEVER some do stand above […]

  • Top Ten Makeup Products Without Which I Would Die

    Stila Cosmetics All Over Shimmer Liquid

    Check out the update for this article at Top Ten Products Without Which I Would Die Revisited As a makeup enthusiast and product junkie I love knowing what’s new in makeup-landia; what the trends are, what the hot new brands are, etc. As a makeup artist, however, I have to temper my enthusiasm with what […]