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  • #MakeupMonday – The Basics: Mascara

    Makeup to go the basics mascara makeup to go blog rms beauty mascara

    If you hadn’t noticed, my Monday posts tend to be geared towards the makeup “every user”. Non-pro, aspiring pro, makeup journeyman, makeup novice, etc. Mondays are where Makeup to Go just talks product. Without. A. Doubt. the number one product I am asked about is mascara. All the folks who ask about it – laypersons […]

  • #MakeupMonday – 2012 Beauty Resolutions

    Jao's Goe Oil

    Welcome to 2012! I hope you all had a joyous Holiday season and are ready to hit the ground running for this new year. I know I certainly did and I certainly am! 🙂 Around this time last year I started a blog “tradition” of posting my personal beauty resolutions for 2011. Let’s see how […]

  • #MakeupMonday – The Basics: Lip Balms / Lip Moisturizers

    Anita Grant Lippy Pucker Lip Balm

    I have been a working makeup artist – meaning having people pay me for makeup with no ‘side gigs’ necessary – for going on 15 years now. When you’re in the makeup biz you really do think about product a lot. Therefore for me as a beauty blogger, when I write about makeup I tend […]

  • Rumor Has It – Shu Uemura

    If you read my “Top Ten Makeup Products Without Which I Would Die” post, you know that one of the top ten is Shu Uemura’s Nobara creme foundation. I also mentioned in that post that the Nobara was no longer listed on the Shu Uemura website and that Nordstrom’s had it as “Temporarily Out of […]

  • Top Ten Makeup Products Without Which I Would Die

    Stila Cosmetics All Over Shimmer Liquid

    Check out the update for this article at Top Ten Products Without Which I Would Die Revisited As a makeup enthusiast and product junkie I love knowing what’s new in makeup-landia; what the trends are, what the hot new brands are, etc. As a makeup artist, however, I have to temper my enthusiasm with what […]