• #MakeupMonday – Makeup Short Notes March 2015

    Makeup to Go blog makeup short notes March 2015 burberry

    Howdy folks. Here’s my Makeup Short Notes March 2015 1 ) Marc Jacobs Beauty – Remedy Concealer Pen This past January I had the pleasure of working with fab Seattle/Bay Area makeup artist Alyx Bisler. One of the most fun aspects of working with another artist is seeing what he/she carries in his or her […]

  • #MakeupMonday – Favorite Lip Glosses 2012

    three custom color perfectly pink palette

    Two years ago, early in Makeup to Go!’s existence… I wrote a piece about what I felt were the “top lip glosses” at that time. Funny how time flies because a lot of those lip glosses are no longer on the market. This is both the ecstasy and the agony of being a makeup fanatic; […]

  • #MakeupMonday – The Basics: Lip Balms / Lip Moisturizers

    Anita Grant Lippy Pucker Lip Balm

    I have been a working makeup artist – meaning having people pay me for makeup with no ‘side gigs’ necessary – for going on 15 years now. When you’re in the makeup biz you really do think about product a lot. Therefore for me as a beauty blogger, when I write about makeup I tend […]

  • #MakeupMonday – Sonia Kashuk Cosmetics

    As a pro artist who works both in media and with private clients, I am always on the hunt for brands that work well in front of the camera as well as in everyday use. Because of this I do tend to favor pro artist brands & some prestige brands. Reason being that mass-market/lower price […]

  • #MakeupMonday on Tuesday – Dark Lip Color

    Howdy all. Hope all my folks in the US enjoyed a fabulous Labor Day weekend. I took the weekend off from any and all work related activities, hence we are having MakeupMonday on Tuesday 🙂 So dark lip color… I have avoided writing about this because I had hoped the trend would go away at […]