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  • Meet The Experts

    Headshot photos of the Makeup to Go Blog Experts contributors

    When Makeup to Go first started… …It was very much a one-woman show. It was exciting to share a bit of my expertise and what I’d learned along the way. But after a while it gets hard to hear the sound of one hand clapping and no one likes to feel like they are just […]

  • So What Is A Makeup to Go, Anyway?

    lipstick swatches makeup to go makeup to go blog los angeles makeup san francisco makeup education makeup workshops

    Disclosure: Howdy folks, instead of doing sponsored posts, I am a member of Vera Pages. Vera Pages are unsolicited, unsponsored recommendations from pro makeup and hair artists on products they actually use in their work. So if you’ve ever wanted to shop for any of the products that I mention constantly, you can do so […]

  • What’s the Haps?

    Makeup-ing, Blogging, and how Tania is getting her groove back… Howdy I hadn’t planned to write anything, I just logged into my blog as I do periodically to check on the back end technical stuff and make sure everything is OK. But in doing so I realized: Whoa! I haven’t made a post in a […]

  • #BlogTalk – Disclosure Time: Affiliate Links

    makeup to go blog disclosure time affiliate links

    “The time has come,” the Walrus said, “To talk of many things…” – Lewis Carroll Hello Makeup to Go fam! I just want to share some quick blog updates with you. Makeup to Go is growing! That growth is entirely due to you so THANK YOU! 😀 If folks didn’t read the Blog I’d be […]

  • #MakeupMonday – Makeup Short Notes July 2015

    makeup to go blog makeup short notes july 2015 kaiser chic

    1 ) I’m back! And to quote the Grateful Dead, “What A Long, Strange trip it’s been…” My previous post detailed why I’ve been absent from the blogosphere for a while. At the time that photo was taken (late-April) I was pretty darn sick and I didn’t even realize it. Also at the time I […]