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The Clean Team

A couple of weeks ago here on Makeup to Go Blog, I posted an article regarding knowing when it was time to say “Goodbye” to your old makeup (click to read “Breaking Up Is Hard to Do: When to Toss Makeup). In that article I made mention of the fact that some rules can be bent or even broken. The trick? Kit Sanitation.

Makeup artists refer to their makeup product & tools as their “Kit”. If you have a lipstick, an eyeliner, a mascara and a few brushes, that is your Kit. Makeup artists obviously have a lot more in their Kits (not to mention an artist that does Airbrush or an artist that does FX), but the point of the story is whether your Kit contains 5 items or 500, proper care, maintenance and storage will enable you to keep and use your products longer. I debated doing this post as a “Makeup Monday” or as a “Biz Talk” post but as I was writing the makeup purge post I realized this is relevant info for pros and non-pro makeup lovers alike 🙂

Humans are bundles of bacteria, as are most things in the world. It is this constant contact with a barrage of bacteria why we cannot just keep makeup indefinitely. Think I’m exaggerating? Check out this LiveStrong article on the different types of bacteria found on cosmetics, transmitted through human contact.

– Staphylococcus epidermidis
– Staphylococcus warneri
– Pseudomonas aeruginosa
– Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus

So we’re talking 3 different forms of Staph infection, and one other infectious bacteria that is even worse. No bueno.

Short version: Keep your stuff clean!!!!!

As a semi-germaphobe I just cannot believe the condition in which I’ve see some people’s makeup and tools. Sad to say, I include non-pros AND pros in this statement 😐 Keeping your products and tools clean will not only lessen (not eliminate, lessen) the risk of catching some of the afore mentioned nasties BUT it will enable you to keep makeup longer. No makeup artist is buying a limited edition NARS palette and then tossing it after a year, that’s laughable. I owned my beloved “Skin Deep”, “Emotional Rescue”, and “Rapture” palettes for about 6 years or so (from when they came out until this past Labour Day weekend when I did my purge) and they were in steady rotation in good working use for about 5 of those 6 years. That final year was me being in denial and not ready to let go, even though the lipsticks were giving me that telltale smell 🙁


Ask a number of makeup artists and you’ll likely get a number of different answers, but in 15+ years I’ve never had a sanitation complaint or had talent have a negative reaction (that I am aware of) from my Kit. Here’s how I keep it clean;

Cream Products
(Foundations, Blushes, Eyeshadows, Lipsticks, etc):

In my professional life I use a (preferably metal) spatula to take product out of its container so I can use it on my talent/client. On myself, of course, I just use the product directly on my face. In either case, I give a quick spray with alcohol after use (yes, even when using a spatula because the product has been open and hence exposed to air). Let the alcohol sit on the product for at least 30 seconds. I just give my product a good spray down and let it air-dry and by the time its fully dry it is good to go.

Powder Products
(Eyeshadows, Blushes, Bronzers, Pressed Powder, Powder Foundations, etc.)
SPRAY WITH ALCOHOL AFTER USING. Wipe top layer periodically.

Powders should last you a while because they do not carry bacteria the way creams and liquids do. That said, unlike creams and liquids you have to use them right out of the pan. With creams and liquids you can decant as needed and not have to “double dip” into your product. Since using powder products is a constant “double dip” you’ll want to keep that top surface clean. Spraying with alcohol will NOT compromise your product, just be sure not to over saturate your product, and let the alcohol evaporate completely. You can – and should periodically – use alcohol wipes on your powder product so that you are actually removing the top layer of product revealing a fresh, new layer underneath. Some people recommend scraping the top layer of powder products, but one time of accidentally crushing your favorite eyeshadow, blush, or bronzer and you’ll see why I’m not a fan of that method.

Liquid Products
(Foundations, Liquid Highlighters, Illuminators, Lotions, etc.)

These are tricky because they generally need to be shaken and then most people pour the product out into their hand, often touching their hand. Once bacteria is in there, there is no way to get it out. My solution: Use liquids that come in a pump bottle. That way you only dispense what you need and the rest stays safe and isn’t exposed to air, your hand, etc. If your favorite product doesn’t come in a pump bottle or a tube, move it to one. Places like The Container Store or my beloved MUJI that I wrote about have empty pumps and tubes available. NOTE: Glass is better than plastic in terms of longer term storage. If you get a plastic container, don’t try to reuse as plastic is porous. Just toss it when the product is empty and get a new one. Extra Germaphobe Points: Wipe the opening of your pump bottle/tube with alcohol periodically 🙂

Makeup to go makeup to go blog kit sanitation

Cut the wand OFF. Maybelline Great Lash comes like this now (click to see larger)

CUT THAT WAND OFF!!! Use Disposable Wands Instead

Mascara just does not live long so your first order of sanitation business is just to accept the reality of that reality. However, you can make your mascara last longer by ditching the wand that comes with it and using disposable wands the way professionals do. And by ditching the wand I do not just mean not using it, I mean cutting it off. Why? Because every time you take the wand in and out of the tube, you are pumping air into the product. This not only increases the likelihood of introducing bacteria, it also dries the mascara out faster so you have to replace it sooner. By cutting the wand off you can stretch your mascara’s life from 3 months to as many as 6 or maybe more*. NOW – a lot of the hype with many mascaras on the market IS the brush itself and how it applies product or separates lashes or what have you. IF you want to use the wand that comes with the mascara you certainly can (on YOURSELF, not using it on multiple people), just know that you’ll have to replace your mascara more frequently.


Pencils can actually last a while if well cared for. I do an alcohol > sharpen > alcohol routine for all of my pencils in my kit. For yourself, if you just sharpen your pencils** right after using it and keep your pencils covered (don’t lose those lids!) you’ll be removing that outer layer where the bacteria lives and your pencils will stay happy longer. Extra Germaphobe points if you sharpen your pencil AND spray with alcohol after each use.

Gel / Liquid Liners

With Gel liners, which is what I primarily use, I scrape a small amount of product out with a spatula and I spray the gel liner with alcohol after each use. As we all know, gel liners tend to dry out quickly anyway, and alcohol hastens the process. Therefore like mascara, this is just a category of product that does not last very long.

Liquid liner is great for personal use but tricky for pro use because the brush/applicator sits in the product in the tube. Therefore to use the product you are constantly double dipping. For professional use if I decide I’m going to use a liquid liner for whatever reason it’s a case of one and done for me. I use it and I give it to the person I used it on and just keep it moving. For personal use, you can wipe off the brush/applicator tip with alcohol before re-inserting it into the tube. This may help a bit but again, this type of product by its nature just doesn’t last long.

(Brushes, eyelash curlers, pencil sharpeners, etc.)

I said this in a previous Makeup to Go post and I’ll say it again: Everything I just wrote is completely moot if you do not keep your TOOLS clean. Your TOOLS are the items making direct contact to the skin and hence they are the carriers of the bacteria.

– WIPE BRUSHES AFTER EVERY USE. Its not hard, in fact it only takes a few minutes. Wiping your brushes with a specifically designed quick brush cleaner will remove surface oils, skin cells, etc. that get on your brushes. Hence you won’t transfer that back to your product, hence your product will live longer. There are many brands, just make sure they disinfect as well as clean pigment. And always let the brush dry completely before using again, you do not want brush cleaner on your product or on your face! In a pinch you can always use good ole alcohol (just be forewarned, over use of alcohol will dry your bristles and cause your brushes to age prematurely). My brush cleaner of choice: Parian Spirit

– DEEP SHAMPOO your brushes at least once a week. If you’re doing makeup on other people, please do this as close to daily as possible. Again, there are a number of good brands, and in a pinch you can use either a shampoo/conditioner all-in-one like Pert, or any baby shampoo. My brush shampoo of choice: Clean Brush

– WIPE METAL TOOLS such as tweezers, eyelash curlers, pencil sharpeners and spatulas with alcohol after every use. And when they start looking raggedy, just replace them.

– WASH YOUR HANDS before doing anything. Our hands are our most important “tool” in our “kits”. Before handling anything and certainly before touching your face, wash your hands with soap and hot water. At very least wipe with a sanitizing cloth and use hand sanitizer. It makes a huge difference.


Preferably NOT 99% alcohol, it evaporates too quickly. I use either 70% or 91% alcohol, both of which are readily available at any drugstore. 70% is my favorite. The water content helps the alcohol evaporate more slowly so it disinfects more thoroughly but it is not so much water that it will ruin your product (I wouldn’t recommend a 50% alcohol, too much water).

Beauty So Clean
I’ve not personally tried it but I know many pros who swear by it. The main active ingredient in BSC is alcohol. The difference with BSC is the addition of emollient agents. They claim that straight alcohol can dry out and alter your cosmetics (not in my experience) and that BSC is formulated with a balance of disinfectants and emollients to prevent that from happening. Again, I’ve never had a problem with straight alcohol, but Beauty So Clean works and it smells good. If you’d prefer to use something other than straight alcohol, Beauty So Clean is there for you.

– Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner
(NOTE: Parian Spirit has lower alcohol content than most pro brush cleaners and uses citrus spirit as its main cleaning/disinfectant agent. Therefore it does not dry as quickly as other “quick clean” brush cleaners and the smell is very citrus-y. I love it, some folks hate it lol)

Clean Brush Shampoo
Solid brush shampoo to deep clean your brushes.

This shouldn’t need to be said but I’ll say it just in case: DO NOT USE BLEACH ON YOUR COSMETICS PRODUCTS. It’ll ruin them. However I do use a small amount of bleach on a q-tip to clean my pencil sharpeners periodically. Wipe, let sit for a bit, then RINSE with water and dry thoroughly. Do not try to soak your sharpener in bleach, it will rust all the metal bits (ask me how I know that 😐 ).

STORAGE makes a big difference as well in the longevity of your products but speaking of long, this post already is. Look for a post on storing your cosmetics in an upcoming Makeup Monday.

#MaquillajeParaGo – The Makeup Show Los Angeles 2012 – Day 2

makeup to go blog makeup los angeles makeup san francisco maquillaje Showroom at the Makeup Show Los Angeles 2012

busy day 2 of the Makeup Show Los Angeles 2012 (click to see larger)

This year since I only got to attend the first day

…our Blogstress en Español – Delia Jimenez Owens – took over the reigns of covering day two. As this is the second of a two-part article I am posting the English version first. For all of Delia’s spanish-language followers, simply scroll down to read the spanish version. (Para todos los seguidores de Delia, solo tienen que desplazarse hacia abajo para leer la version en espanol. 😉 )

The Make-Up Show L.A. 2012

This year’s Make-Up Show in Los Angeles was once again a great experience. I haven’t missed a show yet so I was happy that I was able to attend a partial day Saturday and full day Sunday.

With each passing year, the education the show provides gets better. This year’s list of guest speakers included some of the industry’s best such as Sharon Gault, Mario Dedivanovic and of course, Mr. Maurice Stein. Between the Keynote Speaker Forums and the Main Floor Seminars, there was something to meet the needs of every type of artist from student to pro.

One of the areas I was impressed with this year was the Professional Resource Area hosted by Crystal Wright. Ms. Wright had “PRO Pods” set up on Saturday and Sunday where you could meet an agent, speak to a producer, meet a blogger and many other business and career opportunities. Sadly I was unable to make any of the resource areas on Saturday, which is the day time was set aside to meet an agent. One-on-one time with an agent to get feedback on your work is a tremendous opportunity! On Sunday, choices were limited and I was unable to attend the Pro Pods due to scheduling conflicts. This is one area I really hope they bring back next year.

Sunday, I attended Mario Dedivanovic’s Keynote forum. Mario has worked on countless editorials and has created many of the stunning red carpet looks you see on TV, but creating Kim Kardashian’s glamorous look is what most of the world knows him for. This turned out to be a very popular forum as there was standing room only and photos were strictly prohibited. After waiting more than 20 minutes after his scheduled time, Mario finally hit the stage. Mario talked about the industry and answered questions while he did a beautiful make-up application. Many questions were thrown around but Mario spent a good amount of time talking about assisting. He mentioned that he assisted for over 6 years before he started getting his own clients and even then it took him a while to build his own clientele. Making yourself “invisible” was another key factor in assisting. Let the key be visible. More importantly he said know your industry! Do your research in order to become successful. Overall, his presentation was great and the results of his make-up application were stunning.

I quickly rushed over to Maurice Stein’s seminar on The Importance of Color Matching. Mr. Stein, the creator of Cinema Secrets, shared his technique for color matching, which consists of wiping the area from chin to nose clean then using that area to color match instead of the jaw line. Another tip he shared was to use a white cape around the client so that the light reflects off the face. Always entertaining, Mr. Stein kept us laughing from the beginning of his presentation until the end. And of course, The Make-Up Show is not complete for me until I take my annual picture with Mr. Stein!

Aside from the various educational opportunities, there was also time for shopping. Our favorites lines like Make-Up Forever, Inglot and Kevin Aucoin were present, as well Temptu, Stila and Smashbox. Sadly, not present and greatly missed were Yaby Cosmetics, Face Atelier and Yves Sant Laurent. I sure hope these lines decide to return next year because it wasn’t the same without them.

I look forward to next year’s show and am eager to see what new opportunities present themselves.

Delia Jimenez Owens is a makeup and hair artist available in both Los Angeles and Las Vegas. You can follow her on Twitter @DeliaJOwens.


makeup to go blog makeup los angeles makeup san francisco maquillaje delia with maurice stein at the 2012 Los Angeles Makeup Show

Maurice Stein and Delia (2nd time she’s taken a huggy picture with Mr. Stein at the show o_O – click to see larger)

La Exposicíon de Maquillaje de Los Angeles del 2012

Este año, la Exposición de Maquillaje en Los Angeles fue una vez más una gran experiencia. No me he perdido una exposición, así que estaba feliz de haber podido asistir a una parte del día sábado y el día completo del domingo.

Con cada año que pasa, la educación que se ofrece se pone mejor. La lista de este año de los invitados fueron algunos de los mejores de la industria tales como Sharon Gault, Mario Dedivanovic y, por supuesto, el Sr. Maurice Stein. Entre los seminarios del piso principal y los foros, había algo para satisfacer las necesidades de cada tipo de artista de estudiante a profesional.

Una de las áreas que estaba impresionado con este año ha sido el Área de Recursos Profesionales organizado por Crystal Wright. La señora Wright organizo “Pro Pods” el sábado y domingo, donde podrías encontrar un agente, hablar con un productor, conocer a un blogger y muchos otros negocios y oportunidades de carrera. Lamentablemente no pude hacer ninguna de las áreas de recursos, el sábado, que es el tiempo del día fue designado para hablar con un agente. Uno-a-uno con un agente para obtener una opinion profesional sobre su trabajo es una gran oportunidad! El domingo, las opciones eran limitadas y no pude asistir los “Pro Pods” por conflictos de programación. Esta es un área que realmente espero que regrese el próximo año.

Domingo, asistí a Foro Mario Dedivanovic. Mario ha trabajado en innumerables editoriales y ha creado muchos de los maquillajes que se ve en la televisión, pero la mayor parte del mundo lo conocen por ver creado la mirada atractivo Kim Kardashian. Este resultó ser un foro muy popular y las fotos estaban estrictamente prohibidas. Después de esperar más de 20 minutos después de su hora programada, Mario, finalmente, subió al escenario. Mario habló acerca de la industria y responde a las preguntas al mismo tiempo que hizo una hermosa aplicación de maquillaje. Había muchas preguntas, pero Mario tomo una buena cantidad de tiempo hablando de ayudar. Mencionó que el ayudo de más de 6 años antes de que él comenzó a recibir a sus propios clientes e incluso entonces le tomó un tiempo para construir su propia clientela. Los ayudantes tiene que hacer se “invisibles”, fue otro factor en la asistencia. Deje que el maquillista encargado sea visibles. Más importante aún, dijo que tienen que saber su industria! Haga su investigación con el fin de alcanzar el éxito. En general, su presentación fue excelente y los resultados de su aplicación de maquillaje eran impresionantes.

Rápidamente fui a el seminario de Maurice Stein sobre la importancia del color. El Sr. Stein, el creador de Cinema Secrets, compartió su técnica de combinación de colores, que consiste de limpiar la zona de la barbilla a la nariz limpia y luego usando esa zona para el color en lugar de la línea de la mandíbula. Otro consejo que compartía era utilizar una capa blanca en el cliente para que la luz se refleja en la cara. Siempre entretenido, el señor Stein nos mantuvieron riendo desde el inicio de su presentación hasta el final. Y, por supuesto, la demostración de maquillaje no es completa para mí hasta que me tome mi foto anual con el Sr. Stein!

Aparte de las oportunidades educativas diversas, también hubo tiempo para ir de compras. Nuestras líneas favoritos como Make-Up Forever, Inglot y Kevin Aucoin estuvieron presentes, además de Temptu, Stila y Smashbox. Por desgracia, no se presento y se perdió en gran medida eran cosméticos Yaby, Face Atelier y Yves Sant Laurent. Por supuesto, espero estas líneas decide regresar el próximo año, porque no era lo mismo sin ellos.

Espero la exposicíon del año que viene y estoy ansioso por ver qué nuevas oportunidades se presentan.

makeup to go blog makeup los angeles makeup san francisco maquillaje maurice stein at 2012 Los Angeles Makeup Show

Mr. Stein about to start his demo (click to see larger)

Delia Jiménez Owens es una artista de maquillaje y pelo disponible, en los angeles y las vegas. Puede seguidor en Twitter en @ DeliaJOwens

#BizTalk – The Makeup Show Los Angeles 2012 Day 1

makeup to go blog makeup los angeles makeup san francisco makeup lessons beauty writer The Makeup Show Los Angeles 2012 Day 1 Pati Dubroff Pati Preema Dubroff

Pati Prema Dubroff speaking at the Blogger Preview (click to see larger)

Once again the Makeup to Go crew was able to attend The Makeup Show Los Angeles 2012.

As I have written before I feel like The Makeup Show is a great addition to the trade show circuit, and a boon to the makeup artist community in LA. That said, I have always felt like it (and honestly IMATS as well), is primarily geared towards more beginning artists and that artists like me who are not superstar Keynote artists but who are working professionals kind of get lost in the shuffle. I am pleased to be able to say that changed in a significant way this year. More on that in a minute. First, let’s run through all of what I experienced at this year’s show. View Post

#MakeupMonday – New Year Beauty Resolutions: Personal

Hello Hello and Happy New Year! I trust you all had a fabulous Holiday season and are all set for a spectacular 2001!

As many of us do, I use the dawn of a new year to set my intentions. Sometimes I’m going for the complete overhaul, and sometimes just a little tune up is all I need. I do so for all facets of my life, looks included! As a beauty professional I, of course, need to look reasonably good most of the time. More importantly, however, as a woman and a human it makes me feel better to take care of myself and look my best. As I mentioned in last year’s Resolutions post, now is a great time to tweak your products, get rid of what’s old or not working, and prep yourself for a new year of Fabulousness!

Here are my New Year Beauty Resolutions, and hopefully some of it helps you too 🙂

1 ) Even Out Skintone – As I have mentioned before, I have sensitive, break-out prone skin. As I have also mentioned before, nothing looks better than makeup on clear and beautiful skin. Well, My breakout situation has been under control for a while however all the past effects are still present on my skin. I’m also at the age where all the past sins like sun damage will start to show on the face. Time to tighten things up. I am going to start doing facial peels. Facial Peels help accelerate the renewal process by rapid exfoliation of the top layers of the skin. I will be going to a professional for my treatments. For safe treatments you can use at home, however, you can check out…

makeup to go blog makeup los angeles makeup san francisco Neutrogena Advanced Solutions Home Facial Peel new year beauty resolution
Neutrogena Advanced Solutions Facial Peel
This is a safe, non-acid peel to gently increase exfoliation for brighter skin tone.

or if you want a peel more like a professional try

makeup to go blog makeup los angeles makeup san francisco Dr. Gross Alpha Beta Daily Peel new year beauty resolutions
Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel
Designed by Dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross, this is an acid-based peel is designed for maximum performance while safe to self-apply at home.

NOTE: Yes it is possible to get the type of peels that aestheticians and dermatologists use through various online sources, but there is a lot that can go wrong if you are not trained in using these products. I suggest leaving the professional stuff to the professionals 🙂

2) Regular Manicures and Pedicures – My nails grow nicely, but I work with my hands so they often look a bit haggard, and let’s not even talk about my feet (suffice to say I hike and surf). This ends this year with regular trips to the nail salon. However to maintain in between appointments I love…

makeup to go blog makeup los angeles makeup san francisco Essie Cuticle Oil Pen new year beauty resolutions
Essie Cuticle Pen
Essie is one of my fave nail care lines for both nail colors and nail care. This cuticle oil comes in a convenient “pen” form making it easy for travel and the blend of jojoba oil and shea butter really works.

makeup to go blog makeup los angeles makeup san francisco Ped Egg new year beauty resolutions
Ped Egg Foot File
Laugh all you want – when I first saw the TV ad, I did too – but this truth is this thing really works. Even when I think my heels are calloused beyond repair, a good soak followed by a good sloughing with my Ped Egg and my feet are back brand new.

makeup to go blog makeup los angeles makeup san francisco LOccitane Shea Butter Foot Cream new year beauty resolutions
L’Occitane Shea Butter Foot Cream
Dry, rough feet are not cute. After a good soak & slough and then each night when I go to bed, I slather my feet with this luxurious foot cream. In addition to super moisturizing Shea Butter, this cream has lavender for natural antiseptic properties, arnica for natural anti-inflammatory properties and mint for cooling and soothing properties. Yes, this cream is amazing.

3) Keep My Brows Groomed – You would think this would not need to be said for a pro makeup artist. Well, I am guilty of letting my brows slide. My brows are very sparse and fair and are not really visible against my dark skin, but that is no excuse for brow laziness! After I get them professionally shaped I will pull out my

makeup to go blog makeup los angeles makeup san francisco Tweezerman Slanted Tweezer new year beauty resolutions
Tweezerman Slant Tweezer
The choice of professionals everywhere, bar none. Yes, they are $20, but once you buy one you will know where that $20 went. With the right tool and a steady hand, you will be able to do clean, precise brow maintenance easy-peasy. And Tweezerman offers a lifetime guarantee on their tools. If you’ve been wondering why you cannot maintain a “salon look” with your brows, put your cheap tweezers down and step up to the real mccoy.

makeup to go blog makeup los angeles makeup san francisco Anastasia Brow Gel new year beauty resolutions
Anastasia Brow Gel
As much as I love my Sonia Kashuk Brow Kit for my professional use, I don’t tend to personally use it. Quite frankly, historically, I’ve used Aqua Net to groom my brows (yep!). This year since I’m stepping it up overall, I am using the brow gel by brow guru Anastasia of Beverly Hills. Unlike some of the drugstore brands of these types of products, the Anastasia dries with a natural (not super shiny) finish, and does not flake.

4 ) Deep Condition My Hair Regularly – In general, my hair gets the lion’s share of my beauty attention. I love doing all types of conditioning treatments. I wear my hair in its natural, highly textured state which means I have to take care of it differently from someone with naturally straight and/or straightened hair. Curly/Coily hair needs extra conditioning and moisture to keep it lively and lovely.

makeup to go blog makeup los angeles makeup san francisco Anita Grant Rhassoul Deep Conditioner new year beauty resolutions
Anita Grant Rhassoul Deep Condish
This UK based brand was made by a curly/coily head for other curly/coily heads. No matter what type of curls you have, your hair will thank you for trying this luscious deep conditioning treatment. This treatment both nourishes and detoxifies leaving behind shiny, bouncy tresses.

makeup to go blog makeup los angeles makeup san francisco Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque new year beauty resolutions
Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Masque
For our straight-haired sistren (or any sistren whose hair takes regular heat styling): This deep masque is potent enough to repair and restore, but not so heavy that it will weigh down your hair. Using a unique blend of macadamia and argan oil, along with other beneficial botanicals, this masque will restore luster and elasticity to your hair.

makeup to go blog makeup los angeles makeup san francisco Glass of Water new year beauty resolutions
5 ) Drink More Water and Smile – Because nothing beats the basics and a healthy glow from within beats any product on the market. 🙂

Here’s to a Beautiful 2011!

#MakeupMonday – Event Makeup

I recently went makeup shopping with friend and colleague, Kallah Maguire – stylist and owner of The Emerald Scarab – and she echoed a complaint I hear fairly often from women; How do I stay looking great when I have an event to attend? Like many busy professionals, Kallah regularly attends events where she not only wants to look great for herself, but where she’s frequently photographed. Why is it that when we attend these events we look so different from when we see photos of celebs at events? Well, most women do their makeup as they normally do when in fact, they should approach these functions as photographic events. When we professional makeup artists do celebrities for Events, please believe, we pull out every makeup trick in the book. Here are some product recommendation and application tips for event makeup.

1 ) Don’t Over Do It – Resist the temptation to apply “more”. It will cake up, crease up, oil up and generally be difficult to maintain. Also, while you want to look good when the camera flashes, you also want to look good to the person you’re talking to standing in front of you. Hyper makeup looks crazy in real life. Use as much as you need, but not a drop more.

2 ) Hydrate Well – thirsty skin eats makeup and oily skin dissolves it. Starting with a good, hydrating (not too emollient) moisturizer is an important first step to a great makeup and no artist I know ever skips moisturizing. A good product for use under makeup is Dermalogica’s Active Moist lotion.

Dermalogica Active Moist event makeup

Dermalogica Active Moist

3 ) Prime – A good primer keeps the oily spots under control and the dry spots smooth and prepares your skin to be a smooth canvas for your makeup. The kind of primer you’ll need will depend on your skin type. Of course, there’s the ever popular Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. I believe the Photo Finish Primer is best for Normal skin as it really is more about evening pores and fine lines. For drier skins, I like Embryolisse’s Lait Creme Concentre, affectionately known as the “24-hr Miracle Cream”. The 24-hr Miracle Cream is a moisturizer and primer all in one (amongst many other uses), and it’s a staple for most every makeup artist. For oily skins, I go a completely different route; Organic Aloe Gel. Aloe is a natural moisturizer and humectant, it also helps heal blemishes and even skin-tone. I am an oily-head and I have used aloe for years with great result. My brand of choice is Aubrey Organics brand which is 98% organic.

Aubrey Organics 100% Pure Aloe Vera Gel event makeup

Aubrey Organics 100% Pure Aloe Vera Gel

4 ) Make Eyes Last – Needless to say, in a photograph in particular your eyes are a focal point and you’ll want them to stand out, or “pop”. Like your skin, you’ll also want to prime your eyelids so your eyeshadow lasts longer. In my opinion, the queen and champion of eyeshadow primer is still Urban Decay’s Primer Potion, however Smashbox’s Photo Finish Eye Primer is quite good as well. Both prep the lid and handle excess lid oil without drying your precious eyelid skin. Use on the upper and lower lashline as well for stay-put eyeliner.

Urban Decay Primer Potion event makeup

Urban Decay Primer Potion

5 ) Use Tools – Forget your fingers when applying your makeup. Tools give you a more even, polished finish which is important because the camera sees things that the naked eye might not. Also, the natural skin oils in your fingers may contribute to your makeup breaking down more quickly.

6 ) Powder Well – However, be sure to use the right powder. Most powder geared towards everyday wear – particularly drugstore brands – has some form of mica so the powder doesn’t look matte and flat. In photographic situations you want that matte-ness. Also, professional powders are made to hold makeup in place and they do so in a way that consumer brands generally do not. Most artists will use loose powder to set the makeup because it gives more coverage and then we’ll give our client a compact to touch-up with. Bobbi Brown’s loose powders are pro powders in nice retail packaging, and it comes in the Pale Yellow (fairer skins) and Golden Orange (medium to darker skins) colors that makeup artists love. I know you’re wondering about all the High Definition hype you’ve been hearing. Here’s the thing; Hi-Def powder is great to set your makeup but it is not meant as a touch up powder. Hi Def powders need the surface oils to adhere to. Once the makeup has been set, however, high definition powders will merely build up on your face, and in a cruel twist of fate you may not be able to see this build up with the naked eye. When the flash of a camera hits it, however, the ugly truth will be revealed in those photographs. Think what happened to Nicole Kidman in those now infamous red carpet photos. (If you have oily skin, you may want to skip using powder to touch up and go with powder-free Blotting Papers instead. I never let my clients leave without ’em!)

Bobbi Brown Loose Powder event makeup

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Loose Powder - Pale Yellow

7 ) Set Your Makeup – Once you’ve spent all this time meticulously applying your makeup, you’ll want it to stay on your face for as long as possible. After completing a makeup for a client I always use a finishing spray. Readily available at Sephora stores nationwide, Make Up For Ever has been serving the professional artist community for many years. Their Mist & Fix spray is a lightweight and alcohol-free barrier spray that helps set makeup for hours, lessening the need for touch-ups. Sometimes, however, you have to pull out the heavy guns. Back in the day actresses actually sprayed hairspray over their faces. I don’t recommend that. Nowadays, we have the modern day equivalent – Model in a Bottle. Available in both the Original Formula and a Sensitive Skin formula, this product is no joke. I prefer to use the most gentle products I can on a normal basis, but when a client is going to be out in the sun, or physically active and sweat-proof makeup is a must or when it’s going to be a marathon long day, this is the product to turn to.

Model in a Bottle event makeup

Model in a Bottle Sensitive Skin Formula

So for Kallah, and all the other fab ladies stepping out to Events all around the country, if you take a few extra minutes when doing your makeup to apply these tips, your face will last all night long just like the party.