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  • #Happenings – AJ Crimson Beauté Boutique Opening

    makeup to go blog makeup artist los angeles makeup artist san francisco makeup educator AJ Crimson Beauté Boutique Opening los angeles boutique

    Disclosure: Hey folks, instead of doing sponsored posts, Makeup to Go is a member of Skimlinks and Amazon Affiliates. So if you purchase something via any of our links, we get a lil sumthin sumthin to help us keep running. Thanks much! 🙂 One of my makeup passions …is discovering small, independent and/or niche beauty […]

  • #MakeupMonday – Black Girl Beautiful Inaugural Event

    makeup to go blog makeup artist los angeles makeup artist san francisco makeup educator black girl beautiful inaugural event

    The Black Girl Beautiful inaugural event took place this past Saturday (10/15/16) at the Siren Studios Orange in Los Angeles. So let’s get the elephant out of the room… Why is an event like “Black Girl Beautiful” even necessary? Well, I can think of a few reasons. First of all, the stated Vision for the […]

  • #BizTalk – Nykhor Paul and the Beauty Biz

    makeup to go blog nykhor paul

    If you read beauty/fashion articles and blogs, by now you’ve no doubt read about model Nykhor Paul putting the entire fashion/beauty industry on blast on Instagram. If you haven’t, you can check it here (be forewarned- she pulls no punches in expressing her feelings). Basically she is upset that as a professional model working at […]

  • #MakeupMonday – Fashion Fair Supreme Color Collection by Sam Fine

    beauty makeup by tania d russell makeup artist

    Behold! The first in Makeup to Go’s version of “swatches”… As you can see, our idea of swatches is a bit different. As a makeup fan, I understand that seeing the actual product on an actual person is a more accurate way to see a color/texture/etc. of a product. As a professional makeup artist, I […]

  • #MakeupMonday – The Basics: Cheek Color

    Yves St. Laurent Beauty Blush Radiance

    Needless to say, all of the products I’ve mentioned thus far in this “The Basics” series are my completely subjective recommendations. I recommend them based on my usage and generally long-term satisfaction with a product. If another makeup artist were writing these articles, they might recommend entirely different products. That said, things are about to […]