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  • Online Makeup Videos and the Real Life Makeup Artist

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    “Friends, fans, and artist must meet Which one are you, which one are me?” – Erykah Badu Makeup artistry influences online artistry and social media influences makeup artists. Oftentimes they are one in the same. Where the line was once clearly drawn in the sand, nowadays the line between Artist and Influencer is blurred if […]

  • So What Is A Makeup to Go, Anyway?

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    Disclosure: Howdy folks, instead of doing sponsored posts, I am a member of Vera Pages. Vera Pages are unsolicited, unsponsored recommendations from pro makeup and hair artists on products they actually use in their work. So if you’ve ever wanted to shop for any of the products that I mention constantly, you can do so […]

  • What’s the Haps?

    Makeup-ing, Blogging, and how Tania is getting her groove back… Howdy I hadn’t planned to write anything, I just logged into my blog as I do periodically to check on the back end technical stuff and make sure everything is OK. But in doing so I realized: Whoa! I haven’t made a post in a […]

  • #BizTalk – Late Pass – IMATS LA 2017

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    Disclosure: Hey folks, instead of doing sponsored posts, Makeup to Go is a member of Skimlinks and Amazon Affiliates. So if you purchase something via any of our links, we get a lil sumthin sumthin to help us keep running. Thanks much! I’m late… This was originally going to be a #MakeupMonday – Makeup Short […]

  • #BizTalk – Quick Visit Makeup Show San Francisco Pop Up

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    The Makeup Show SF took place August 13th and 14th… …and I happened to be in town to stop by for a visit. I teach periodically right across the street at the Blush School of Makeup, and both years so far, the SF Pop Up has taken place during my classes. The first SF Pop […]