• So You Wanna Be A Pro Makeup Artist in 2021

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    The “So You Wanna Be A Pro Artist / So You Wanna Be A Pro Makeup Artist” series is original content conceived and written by Tania D. Russell, all Copyrights reserved. Links may be affiliate links as indicated. So You Wanna Be A Pro Artist… That’s a loaded statement, nowadays isn’t it? It was a […]

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  • MTG Experts Five Fave Products of Right Now

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    Product. Just the word makes makeup artists new and not-so-new happy. Pros tend to look at our makeup/product a bit differently. Product is hella fun – yes – but first and foremost they are the tools that we use to do our jobs and that allow us to create. Most working Pros I know are […]

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  • Online Makeup Videos and the Real Life Makeup Artist

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    “Friends, fans, and artist must meet Which one are you, which one are me?” – Erykah Badu Makeup artistry influences online artistry and social media influences makeup artists. Oftentimes they are one in the same. Where the line was once clearly drawn in the sand, nowadays the line between Artist and Influencer is blurred if […]

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  • Back to Work – After the Quarantine

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    Makeup Artist Life in the Time of Coronavirus Where were you when you got shut down? …it was surreal, right? For some folks the quarantine crept up slowly, and for some folks it was BAM! Quarantined! But whether the quarantine happened fast or slow it was pretty crazy and needless to say things have not […]

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  • Meet The Experts

    Headshot photos of the Makeup to Go Blog Experts contributors

    When Makeup to Go first started… …It was very much a one-woman show. It was exciting to share a bit of my expertise and what I’d learned along the way. But after a while it gets hard to hear the sound of one hand clapping and no one likes to feel like they are just […]

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