• Makeup to Go – An Origins Story

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    Picture it…Los Angeles… circa 2005 I’m an emerging artist on my Come Up. I’m certainly nowhere near a Senior Artist but I have some good work under my belt, I’ve just signed with my first starter Agency, and in short: I’m feeling myself. via GIPHY This is the groundwork from which Makeup to Go was […]

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  • So You Wanna Be A Pro Makeup Artist in 2021

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    The “So You Wanna Be A Pro Artist / So You Wanna Be A Pro Makeup Artist” series is original content conceived and written by Tania D. Russell, all Copyrights reserved. Links may be affiliate links as indicated. So You Wanna Be A Pro Artist… That’s a loaded statement, nowadays isn’t it? It was a […]

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  • Tips from the Pros – Setting Up A Home Makeup Vanity

    The Makeup Light starter kit makeup to go blog tania d Russell makeup educator Los Angeles San Francisco

    If you love to get glammed, having a vanity space in your home is important to achieving the perfect look. However between all of your makeup items, skincare, tools, and other beauty essentials, keeping everything organized can be a challenge. Redfin reached out to makeup experts from Chicago, IL to Tampa, FL, and had them […]

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  • MTG Experts Five Fave Products of Right Now

    MTG Experts collage 1 makeup to go blog Los Angeles San Francisco Las Vegas makeup artist blog five favorite products right now

    Product. Just the word makes makeup artists new and not-so-new happy. Pros tend to look at our makeup/product a bit differently. Product is hella fun – yes – but first and foremost they are the tools that we use to do our jobs and that allow us to create. Most working Pros I know are […]

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