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VueSet Palettes

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About 1,000,000 years ago I worked on the Britney Spears video for “Toxic”

and I met makeup artist Brenda Green. Way back when she mentioned to me how she wanted to put out a new line of empty palettes (also known as “empties”) for makeup kit organization. Unlike other empties, hers would be durable, clear palettes with metal hinges. I apparently was impressed with the idea even then because I gave her my card and wrote the following note;

Fast forward 10 years later and not only did Brenda still have my card with the note (!!!) but her vision has become a reality. Brenda introduced her VueSet palettes and cases to the makeup community this year at the PHAMExpo. I previously mentioned that I had a rough day at PHAME so did not get to actually see Brenda at the show 🙁 , but I was able to order a couple of palettes (and she was so kind as to send me a few more) and they are the bomb. The Bomb. THE. BOMB.

Thus far there are 6 palettes/cases in the collection. Based on my immediate needs, I ordered Taxi, Viking Jack and Tahiti and so far I have used the Tahiti palette. When I first saw other artists posting pictures of their filled VueSets my immediate concern was size. I like to keep my kit condensed and I did not want something the size of say, the RCMA full sized palette. Upon receiving my VueSets the first thing I noticed is how they are the PERFECT size. See picture below where I placed a playing card on top for reference. Further, they have little “feet” on the bottom of them so as to be stackable!

vueset makeup kit organization palette
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This is why I love products for makeup artists by makeup artists because we know what we need and how to make things functional for makeup kit organization. Lastly, although the VueSets do indeed have metal hinges, they are microwaveable. Brenda/VueSet does not endorse this practice and you do so at your own risk. HOWEVER if you do so wisely – medium/low setting in short increments with time to cool in between – your VueSet should be fine and in my experience the metal did not set off my microwave in any way. NOW – I (Tania D. Russell / Makeup to Go!) am NOT responsible for what happens to your VueSet either. I am merely reporting my experience in using it. You do not have to melt your cream product at all. I did so largely for aesthetic reasons but you can just scoop out your product, put it in the VueSet, and be done. IF you *choose* to melt down your cream product, use wisdom. If you microwave it at full power, for a long time, walk away, try to melt your product in the oven, try melting it using a flat iron, or any other such bad idea, expect your VueSet and your product to be damaged.

I had two immediate needs that absolutely had to be addressed before my next string of work came up; my lipsticks and my Dermacolors concealer palettes.

First the lipsticks. This is the organization I had going.

Yeah, none. I’ve just been throwing the individual tubes into my pouches whereupon they took up extra space in my kit and I had to open them to see what color they were. I also, as you can see, had a few colors in a “Days of the Week” pill dispenser. I’m sure I thought that was super clever back when I did that – which was a while ago and to its credit it did keep my product fresh and in good condition – but visually that is not acceptable to me anymore. Actually it has not been for a while hence I have not been using the colors because I have not wanted that in my kit. It looks unprofessional and is not in keeping with my brand as an artist so the Days of the Week pill dispenser had to go. Here are my lipsticks now;

Vive la différence! Clean, sleek, professional looking, and I still have room for a few more colors.

The other – even more urgent – matter was that of my Dermacolor concealer palettes. It pains me to show anyone this photo but here ya go;

😐 Suffice to say I’ve had those for quite a while. Unacceptable looking does not even quite express it and in fact for the last year or so I have been going out of my way to make sure that my talent/client did not actually see the palettes. No good, time to transfer to a new container STAT! First I scooped the Dermacolors into the VueSet;

…but I did not like the way that looked and I was concerned about colors mixing so I went ahead and melted them down and the result is…

Gorgeousness! I had to condense because the Tahitian has 24 wells, but that was fine because I did not use all of the colors out of the two Dermacolors palettes. Basically I was able to combine two palettes into one, upgrade the appearance of my kit and use my kit space more efficiently in one fell swoop. As Charlie Sheen would say: Winning!

The plan with my other VueSets is to use the Viking Jack to condense and pretty-ize my cream foundations, the Taxi case for hair pins, etc. and if I have another Tahiti I will condense the other concealers I use from a bunch of individual pots to one, neat palette. Like most makeup artists I am obsessed with product and with keeping said product organized while keeping my kit attractive. VueSet fits the bill in every way. Congrats Brenda and thanks for creating such a fab item! 😀

People have been asking me specific questions about the VueSets so here you go…

– The front closure is quite secure, IMO. In fact I had a hard time getting my Vuesets open when I first got them, lol.

– These are quite sturdy, IMO. They are acrylic, not plastic, so they are strong. I have already dropped one and I experienced no breaks or cracks, nor did the hinges come undone because they’re METAL not plastic hinges.

– Yes I was able to get full lipsticks in each well in the Tahiti.

– I just did my OCC Concealers in the Viking Jack palette and I was able to put one pot in each well (see below)

vueset palette makeup kit organization
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– I haven’t tried the longer cases so I do not know how they are. They did not look like anything I would actually use.

– I just purchased 4 more Tahiti-s so I can put all of my cream foundations in VueSets as well. Loving these palettes.

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ALSO CHECK OUT: my second VueSet article for more VueSet reviews

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