Makeup to Go – Don’t Call It A Comeback

Hello everyone! Hope everyone is doing well. It’s Autumn, my favorite time of the year! The air is crisp and cool, the natural light is gorgeous, and it’s time to hunker down and get warm and cozy…And my birthday is in the Fall so that may have something to do with my bias as well ;). I am particularly happy about the change of seasons this year as summer 2012 was one long, hot season that I personally am glad is over – LOL! So what’s been happening with Makeup to Go! you may ask? Well a few things…

Technical Difficulties
As I alluded to in my last post, there have been all types of technical difficulties going on behind the scenes. This hasn’t been even remotely fun to deal with, but it’s a necessary evil because…

New Site
I am completely re-designing the site for 2013! The new Makeup to Go will be much more interactive, feature more related content, tutorial videos, special surprises on our Facebook page (did someone say “Giveaways”?) and other groovy content to make Makeup to Go! even more fab!

Yes I did sneak in 2 Pop-Up Workshops late this summer. They were really more test runs to see how the concept would work and they worked well. With a few more tweaks I will be ready to fully publicize all of the new workshops I will be offering. Look for a FULL SCHEDULE of workshops for 2013 coming very soon! (in the meantime, private lessons are still available)

I’ve Been Working Working Day and Night
My summer was slowed down by my previous health scare, but I have been very blessed with a speedy and full recovery. Henceforth, it was time to for me to get back to work! To check out my latest works visit my website for the creative industries, and to see Behind the Scenes, and things coming soon, visit Makeupwerks Blog. OH – and I’m on Instagram, too! TDRussellmua on Instagram.

New Additions
Lastly, on the Highly Positive side, our Blogstress en Español – Delia Jimenez Owens – gave birth to a beautiful baby boy this summer! Meet Mr. Jaymes Owens, the newest addition to the Makeup to Go! family :D

jaymes owens

Jaymes’ on his one-month old day :)

Needless to say, Delia had to take some time off for this side project ;), however she is already back at work creating beautiful faces and she is back writing her Maquillaje Para Go! column. Look for her article this Wednesday.

We here at Makeup to Go! appreciate the support we’ve received while we have been going through this transitional phase. It means a lot that people have not abandoned us and have maintained faith in our content and what we’re about. We promise not to disappoint! I look forward to great things for all of us in 2013!

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