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Flower Beauty and Cosmetics by Drew Barrymore

I generally like to take my time with reviews and see how products act over time and in different situations, therefore I do not necessarily review things right as they come out. When I first read about Flower Beauty and Cosmetics by Drew Barrymore in an Allure magazine cover story on Drew Barrymore, I was […]

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#BizTalk – Rate Negotiation

Aside from the question of being a makeup artist assistant, the other question I am most frequently asked is about rate negotiation and knowing what to charge. Being a professional (at anything) means being PAID for the work that you do. Not liking something, not being good at something, etc. People actually PAY you and […]

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#MakeupWerks – Bisous Magazine Metallics Editorial

You speak, I listen. Amongst the requests I get most often for the blog is to see more of my work. As most freelancers I am all about shameless self promotion so I am happy to oblige! ;). Let’s start with a breakdown of my Bisous Magazine Metallics Editorial, currently in the Spring 2014 edition. […]

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#MakeupMonday – In Praise of Coral Lip Colors

Coral Lip colors. Love them love them love them. Yes, that was three “love them”s in one post. Oh wait was that a fourth? Yes. That is how much I love Coral lip colors. Why? Because it’s not orange, it’s not red and it’s not pink. It incorporates all three and because of that it […]

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#BizTalk – The Art of the Makeup Artist Assistant

For this edition of #BizTalk I’m going to discuss pretty much the number one question I receive on a regular basis; How do I become a makeup artist assistant? This is a multi-faceted question for which there are a number of answers. Lots of Blogs have posted their thoughts on this (and I link a […]

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#MakeupMonday – The Makeup Show Los Angeles 2014 Recap

As regular readers know, Makeup to Go! did not get to make it to The Makeup Show Los Angeles 2014. Well, MTG has friends all over and fab makeup artist Liza Macawili Ramos attended the show and gave us a full report! Without further ado, take it away Liza! (NOTE: Photo captions added by moi…) […]

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