frends beauty supply

#MakeupMonday – Rediscover Frends Beauty Supply

I finally made it to the newly revamped Frends Beauty Supply! I could not be more happy for them or for the makeup community. Frends Beauty Supply has been around since forever. 1940, to be exact. In the mid-90s it changed ownership and came back into prominence as one of the “big three” of the […]

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Flower Beauty and Cosmetics by Drew Barrymore

I generally like to take my time with reviews and see how products act over time and in different situations, therefore I do not necessarily review things right as they come out. When I first read about Flower Beauty and Cosmetics by Drew Barrymore in an Allure magazine cover story on Drew Barrymore, I was […]

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#BizTalk – Rate Negotiation

Aside from the question of being a makeup artist assistant, the other question I am most frequently asked is about rate negotiation and knowing what to charge. Being a professional (at anything) means being PAID for the work that you do. Not liking something, not being good at something, etc. People actually PAY you and […]

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kate szatmari bisous magazine metallics editorial tania d russell makeup artist

#MakeupWerks – Bisous Magazine Metallics Editorial

You speak, I listen. Amongst the requests I get most often for the blog is to see more of my work. As most freelancers I am all about shameless self promotion so I am happy to oblige! ;). Let’s start with a breakdown of my Bisous Magazine Metallics Editorial, currently in the Spring 2014 edition. […]

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tricia lee pascoe sarah coral lip colors

#MakeupMonday – In Praise of Coral Lip Colors

Coral Lip colors. Love them love them love them. Yes, that was three “love them”s in one post. Oh wait was that a fourth? Yes. That is how much I love Coral lip colors. Why? Because it’s not orange, it’s not red and it’s not pink. It incorporates all three and because of that it […]

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makeup artist assistant

#BizTalk – The Art of the Makeup Artist Assistant

For this edition of #BizTalk I’m going to discuss pretty much the number one question I receive on a regular basis; How do I become a makeup artist assistant? This is a multi-faceted question for which there are a number of answers. Lots of Blogs have posted their thoughts on this (and I link a […]

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