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#MakeupMonday – Summer Proof Makeup

Summer Proof Makeup For most of the country we are in “the dog days of summer” (I’ve never known exactly how that expression came to be before now). I say most of the country because for those of us in Southern California, this weather is going to continue until October. But for everyone else this […] Read more…

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#MakeupMonday – Strobing – What It Is What it Ain’t

So strobing. Yet another “makeup trend” for folks to follow. And of course, as with any makeup trend, there are certain products that are “must haves” in order to achieve the look and then once you get one set of “must have” products another set comes along telling you that you “must have” those too. […] Read more…

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#BizTalk – Nykhor Paul and the Beauty Biz

If you read beauty/fashion articles and blogs, by now you’ve no doubt read about model Nykhor Paul putting the entire fashion/beauty industry on blast on Instagram. If you haven’t, you can check it here (be forewarned- she pulls no punches in expressing her feelings). Basically she is upset that as a professional model working at […] Read more…

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