makeup to go blog makeup short notes April 2016

#MakeupMonday – Makeup Short Notes April 2016

Hello hello! As I’m getting back busy, I’m getting back to doing more exploration of new products. Here’s what has caught my eye of late in the Makeup Short Notes April 2016. 1. Glossier Glossier is a brand founded by the folks of the Into the Gloss blog. I’ve been slow to try it just […] Read more…

makeup to go blog makeup short notes october 2015 by terry magnet'eyes eye designer palette #3

#MakeupMonday – Makeup Short Notes October 2015

Howdy folks. It’s finally Autumn, my favorite season.. In California it’s a time for clear, crisp sunny days but with cooler, friendlier temperatures. And while we here in Southern California may not get the “change of seasons” in terms of foliage that other regions do, there is a beautiful change in the light. It’s almost […] Read more…

makeup to go blog skin prep makeup by Tania d. Russell

#MakeupMonday – Skin Prep

Skin Prep For a makeup artist, prepping the skin before actually applying the makeup is oftentimes more important than the makeup itself. Proper skin preparation helps the makeup glide on like butter and last and look fresh for hours. Without it – unless you have really perfect skin – we’re talking uneven texture, half-eaten makeup […] Read more…

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